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pkiutils - Public Key Infrastructure Utilities

This is a set of pycrypto and pyasn1 based tools to create, load and verify public key infrastructure material like:

  • RSA keys
  • PKCS#10 certificate signing requests

This library can be used to produce RSA key pairs and corresponding certificate signing requests that can be used to request a new SSL certificate for your domain/server.

Installation Methods

1. From source cloned from Github

$python setup.py install

2. Using pip or easy_install

$pip install pkiutils

Example Usage

When you need a 3rd party SSL certificate you will be asked for a CSR (certificate signing request). The following commands will generate your personal key and the CSR file required and output them to /root

import pkiutils

key = pkiutils.create_rsa_key(2048, keyfile='/root/www.example.com.key')

From here you would provide your certification authority the contents of ‘/root/www.example.com.csr’


Pkiutils is documented using Sphinx, you can read the documentation at http://python-pkiutils.readthedocs.org/.


The pkiutils package is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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